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Grand Tetons AE5T2904e 17x22@240ppi.jpgDonner Summit, Sierra Nevada MountainsPebble Beach11242015 panoramic - Fall Colors in the orchards near Marysville.jpgEmerald Bay Lake TahoeThe Lost Coast Mattole River_Y7Q7870.jpgCypress Golf Course_MG_2343.jpgYosemite National ParkBig Sur.jpg02282010 panoramic - Coastal Range Uplift w Sutter Buttes.jpg10262010 panoramic - Bradford Island with Mt Diablo in the Delta.jpg12112008 panoramic - Sutter Buttes.jpgBig Sur Wave_K1A0217.jpgPatterns_f3625666512.jpgBig Sur_MG_0281.jpgClear Lake_MG_9953.jpgDiablo Mountain Range (West of Patterson)_K1A0318.jpgEgret in Flight_V4C0607.jpgGolden Gate Bridge_K1A3143.jpgLake Berryessa_MG_6403.jpg