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Custom Aerial Photography Services
  •        Commercial Real Estate Photography Packages
  •        Construction Progress Photography Packages
  •        Vertical or Map/Plan View (non-orthorectified)
Custom Architectural Photography Services
  •        Daytime Exterior/Interior Photography
  •        Dusk Exterior/Interior Photography
Custom Elevated Photography Services
  •        12-20 foot Elevated views
  •        Elevated Panoramic Views
Graphics, Digital Editing & Print Services
  •        Printing to 44" x 66" on Epson 9800 Professional Printer
  •        Mounting/laminating
  •        Graphics Design/Enhancement/Repair
Custom Aerial Video Services
  •        Gyro stabilized aerial video from helicopter
  •        Various gyro stabilization platforms available per budget
  •        Raw or edited footage delivered
Contact Information: Photographer - Todd Quam
Office   (916) 691-6090     Cell  (916) 803-2844     Fax (916) 691-6091   
2378 Maritime Dr., Suite 200  Elk Grove, CA 95758
Stock Photography Services
  •        Thousands of images from current to dating back to 2002
  •        Images of current major projects and developments
Camera Equipment
  •        Camera Bodies
  •        Lenses Available
aerial El Dorado Hills
Serrano Country Club, El Dorado Hills
aerial Reno
aerial Sacramento
Bank of Sacramento, 1750 Howe Ave
Luxury residence, Reno, NV
Photography Services